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We are delighted and excited to launch Big Apple’s brand new website today, after 2 months of design & development. We are sure that you will like its cool and classy look, and that you will love its awesome user-experience.

We have a blog section as well as an event section, in order to share a whole lot of activity, updates, educational posts and suggestions from our customers.

Also included is our online reservation form. With this, customers are able to book a table right on our website.

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Big Apple Chairman/CEO

Who is Mr. Azeez O. Yusuf ?

Mr. Azeez Oladapo Yusuf is the founder/ CEO  of Big Apple Executive ( Gambia ) Ltd , A .A Consortium ( Gambia ) Ltd and Prudential Financial Service ( Gambia  ) Ltd.

Mr. Yusuf is a husband, father, an astute businessman, lawyer, philanthropist, entrepreneur and a social personality per excellence.

He also doubles as the Founder/ CEO, of Big Apple Executive (Gambia) Ltd,  A.A Consortium (Gambia) Ltd, and Prudential Financial Service (Gambia ) Ltd respectively.

Mr. Yusuf holds Bachelor of Laws LL.B (Law) from the prestigious University of The Gambia.  He also obtained International Human Right Law Certificate organized by (International Bar Association/ Florida State University, Florida, USA in 2012.

He is also a renewable energy consultant / expert, after being confirmed as a Certified Solar Installer by Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC. Jacksonville, Florida. USA.

His background lies in law and renewable energy, but he had ventured into various types of businesses which includes, investment banking, foreign exchange, agriculture, real estate, printing, event management, logistic and general office supplies to mention a few.

Mr. Azeez has led various high level and complex transactions in the Energy and financial sectors including but not limited to sale and service in the energy sector, divestment, joint ventures.

He had made a name for himself in the business sector with a reliable clientele which includes; Gambia National Army, Office of The First Lady of the Republic of The Gambia, Gambia Police Force, Gambia Immigration services, Gambia Prisons department,  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Petrogas Ltd, Ministry of Energy , Gambia electrical Ltd, SV electronics, HM electronics, GamSolar, Gambia Red Cross Society, Gambia Fire & ambulance Services.


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The Event Lounge. EVENTS & PARTIES. We have the capacity to host private events. Whether it’s a party for 40 or 100, we provide an accommodating space of Executive Business men and women.


Prudential  Financial Service (Gambia) provides worldwide money transfer  designed to ease transaction between the world and The Gambia.


A.A Consortium (Gambia) ltd  has been in existence for the past 4 years.We have been an established company with an excellent track record for good customer.

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Our Dress Code

Our dress code


We thought it would be a good idea to document some of our dress code here. So what is appropriate to wear within our lounge?

Firstly, we don’t want customers to set off on their travels uncomfortable in full morning suits (although feel free to wear a suit if you so wish). All we do ask is that customers dress in a smart casual fashion so that we maintain a nice environment for all customers to enjoy.

So, we’ve determined that we allow guests to wear smart casual clothing, but…

What is classed as ‘smart casual’?

Everybody’s interpretation of ‘smart casual’ is different and so with that in mind, we’ve listed items that we don’t allow to make it easier. Generally, if you don’t wear any of the below and dress smart yet casual, you should have no issues with our dress code policy (which is listed below :

We do not allow… A guide (not exhaustive):

Fancy dress of any sort; we take this quite seriously as fancy dress is often linked with stag and hen parties, both of which are never allowed. We’ve yet to hear of a serious business deal being undertaken in fancy dress, hence why this rule applies.

Tracksuits:We understand that whilst trends change and track suits become more and more popular, we would like guests to refrain from wearing sports related tracksuits. On the other hand, fashionable track suits are OK if you wish to wear these to travel in.

Shorts: We understand that shorts are very comfortable to travel in, however try to remain smart with them. So chino shorts are a yes, whereas football shorts are a no.

Baseball caps;No, we never allow these as they don’t aid the traveller in making the journey more comfortable.

Clothing with offensive images / swear words; This is fairly self explanatory – so items with these kind of things are never allowed.

Hooded tops; Now these are cosy. We understand that…and they’re great to travel in. However, please ensure that you are generally smartly dressed and that the hooded top is also smart in appearance and we should be just fine. However, if you wear your old hooded top that you used to use for painting and / or rugby practice, we may not allow it.

Onesies; No.

Rollers in hair: OK so this may not be ‘clothing’ related but we do not allow people admittance with rollers in their hair.

Football / Rugby / Sports team shirts/shorts: We don’t allow any team shirts or shorts. You may want to shout about how much you love them, but we don’t allow you to do this in our lounges.

Please note, that if you do wear items that we do not allow, you will not get access to the lounge and will not be entitled to a refund in part or in full.

If you have any questions related to this or still want to check, please contact us by chatting or hitting the contact button.